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How To Choose The Right Accountant

Choosing an accountant is essentially like choosing a business partner who will be with you for an extremely long time. They are someone that you should be able to trust and depend on, no matter how easy or dire the situation may be. As your business grows in size, your accountant should be there to […]

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The Basics Of Sole Trader Accounting

For anyone looking to keep a proper account of their business, whether you own your own company or you’re a new freelancer who wants to keep their business finances separate from their personal finances, it’s important that you understand at least the basics of sole trader accounting. As a sole trader who works for themselves, […]

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The Changing Face Of VAT – Making Tax Digital

Over the last few years, HMRC has gone through a lot of changes. Most notably, they have embraced the digital world, bringing in new schemes designed to transform the way businesses manage and submit their tax information. It’s supposed to be more effective, efficient and easier for taxpayers to use. The first of these major […]

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GDPR And What It Means To Tradesmen

Nobody has less time than a self-employed tradesman or tradeswoman. Yet the amount of unavoidable paperwork increases every year, with more responsibilities stacked up on the desk. But no plumber, electrician or builder can be successful with just a pocket diary and a receipt book. And this year, there’s been a big change. GDPR hit […]

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